Animal Spirits: The Reindeer

reindeerIn the comments of the post Animal Spirits: The Deer, Jeff of Stuff Jeff Reads reminded me of the flying reindeer and its symbolic connection to the dreamworld, psyche, and astral traveling. ‘Tis the season for these beautiful and swift-running wild animals to do their annual long journey around the globe, and so let’s dash away into the symbolism of the reindeer!


Mongolian Shaman Reindeer Stone

Reindeer are very tough creatures. They live often in harsh, cold environments and travel up to a few thousand miles exploring vast terrains as they search for food. They are sturdy and very sure-footed, which helps them to navigate and guide themselves across such large and often frozen landscapes.

Possibly because of their fast-moving and long-distance travel abilities, the reindeer, similarly to birds, are considered spirit guides for souls as they travel from the physical realm to the spirit realm. Shamans, especially those in Siberia, Mongolia, and the Sami of Arctic Scandinavia, had a close connection to the flying reindeer as spirit guides for soul journeying, mind-traveling, astral traveling, and spiritual transformation.

As carriers and guides for souls, flying reindeer travel in and to the hidden realms (the spirit world, the unconscious, in darkness, and at night), and the deer’s connection to the moon symbolically connects the reindeer further to the unconscious, the dreamworld, and the psyche and soul.


Reindeer transporting a jolly old soul through the night.

Odin by Georg von Rosen

Odin by Georg von Rosen

The god Wodan or Odin in traditional Germanic and Scandinavian cultures is believed to be one of the precursors for the modern day Santa Claus. Odin was a shaman, seer, and poet who rode an eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, who could take Odin to Hel (the underworld) and back, that is, travel between realms. Today the eight reindeer of Santa’s sleigh have replaced the eight legs of Sleipnir.

Reindeer are associated with shamanism and mysticism. May they bring miraculous joy to everyone this holiday season!



The Reindeer symbolize:

  • Swiftness
  • Sturdiness & Survival
  • Travel & Journeying (physical, mental, astral, shamanic)
  • Psychopomps & Soul Guides
  • Shamanism

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10 Responses to Animal Spirits: The Reindeer

  1. litebeing says:

    Hi again Jeweled Julie,
    Happy Snappy 2015!
    I came back to visit this post because I had a dream last night involving an encounter with a flying deer! It was a first for me and the deer jumped on me and I fell to the ground. It spoke in a language I did not understand. Must be a reindeer right?

    I love this post and wanted to share my New Years dream with you. Clearly I am being called 🙂

    love you my friend ,3

  2. Hi Julianne. Excellent post, and thank you for the mention. I hope you have a blessed day!


  3. speedyrabbit says:

    Love this time of year you get hear all sorts of wonderful tales,xx Rachel

  4. Heather says:

    Thank you for this information! Very timely as I just completed (and posted) a SoulCollage card about journeying with a reindeer totem on it. I chose it intuitively, knowing little about them–and now, thanks to your post, I know a lot more 🙂

  5. Thank you Julianna Victoria 🙂

  6. litebeing says:

    Maybe I will take reindeer a bit more seriously 😉
    Thanks for this enlightening offering Julie!

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