Peacock’s Cry of Soul’s Splendour

Of course I just had to re-post this from one of my favorite bloggers, Symbol Reader! Namaste _/l\_


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I.“A Sufi legend, likely of Persian origin, suggests that god created spirit in the form of a peacock. Shown its own divine image in a mirror, the peacock was seized with awe and drops of sweat fell from which all other beings were created.“

Hope B. Wernes, The Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in World Art, entry: Peacock

Catalina Estrada, “Pavos“ Catalina Estrada, “Pavos“

II.“The serene and starry sky and the shining sun are peacocks. The deep-blue firmament shining with a thousand brilliant eyes, and the sun rich with the colors of the rainbow, present the appearance of a peacock in all the splendour of its eye-bespangled feathers. When the sky of the thousand-rayed sun … is hidden by clouds … it again resembles the peacock, which, in the dark part of the year … sheds its beautiful plumage, and becomes drab and unadorned; the crow which had put on…

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3 Responses to Peacock’s Cry of Soul’s Splendour

  1. Aggie says:

    Great Christmas present from symbolreader!

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