Harvesting the Fruits of Labor

Tarot Mucha 7 of Pentacles

Tarot Mucha 7 of Pentacles

One of the biggest challenges most of us face in life is being patient, especially in these times of technological instant gratification. ‘Faster’, ‘quicker’, and ‘high speed’ seem to be common selling points for nearly everything, but by zipping from one thing to the next, expecting others and life to respond instantly, and desiring things to magically appear at any moment takes us away from the experience of living and of life itself. Joy, creation, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment come from the process of whatever it is we are doing, and the process of creating our lives requires patience to allow life to sprout, develop, grow, and bear fruit. Only when we are patient will we be able to harvest the fruits of our labor.

Lately I’ve been coming across the 7 of Pentacles of the Tarot – in my personal readings, in client readings, and in others’ posts. This card is about harvesting the fruits of labor, but it is also about the process it takes to get to that stage of harvesting. First we must build healthy soil (the foundation), then we plant the seeds (of our intentions). We make sure our seeds have adequate water and sunshine to sprout (nurturing), and we then we patiently allow and watch our seeds grow (manifest) into beautiful abundance.

The process is amazing, but often we want to rush things, push forward, take shortcuts, or even blame others for our seeds not sprouting. Be patient and allow. Know that if you have planted seeds of intentions, and you nurture those seeds (the labor of love), they will sprout, grow, and bear amazing fruits.


My recent tomato harvests!


The fruits of my labor have begun to bear sweet and delicious fruit (besides the cherry tomatoes from my mini “front door farm” above). And it has been a few years of very, very, very patient nurturing of my intentions. There were many times when I wondered if I was on the wrong path, doing the wrong thing, trying to accomplish the impossible, yet I trusted my heart, listened to my calling, and did what I loved. Growing pains may be there, but if we are growing, we will grow!

My fruits are just beginning to appear, and so I will continue to patiently nurture my seeds of intentions so that they can bear all sorts of beautiful and colorful fruits, much like the little farm I once had (and have set the intention to create again!).

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10 Responses to Harvesting the Fruits of Labor

  1. smilecalm says:

    true gardener’s
    loving wisdom 🙂

  2. I’ve really been trying to root myself in this thinking. Be mindful of the process, not just where I hope to be, but happy on the way there. It’s an art form, truly.

  3. This was perfect for me to read today as I wait patiently for my book at the Publishers to be assessed. Surrendering is my daily task! Thanks Julianne.

  4. Hi Julie,
    There’s nothing like colorful tomatoes!


  5. That’s a good reminder, Julianne Victoria, and likely something that a lot of us find challenging, but even moreso with the more contemporary emphasis on urgency and instant gratification (the Louis CK bit I just posted speaks to this in a humorous way!). But some things, for all of our insta-everything and speedy tech, still take time, patience, dedication, and foundation-building. Thanks for sharing the remind! xoxo Jamie

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