Butterfly Journal: Awareness (Month 4; Entry 2) – Listening to My Heart Song


Moonlight by Josephine Wall

In the last journal entry I mentioned the dis-covering and coming to awareness of psychic cords, or more like small, old cobweb-like tendrils, deep within my psyche that needed some cleaning up; and as I have been cleaning and clearing both myself and my surroundings energetically through meditation, prayer, visualization, energy work, and sage, I have also become more and more aware of a sense of freedom. Not only do I feel I am ready to leave home and that my purpose here has been completed, things have begun to synchronistically fall into place and open up.

The most profound synchronicity has been the term “heart song.” Though I have said that my healing journey began when I closed up my entire life and moved back to my hometown, the re-emerging of “heart song” several times over the past month since my trip to Mount Shasta has brought to my awareness that I needed to go a bit further back to finish cleaning up these cobwebs in my psyche.

Exactly one year before I moved, I visited a puppy, who had been rescued from a puppy mill in Alaska where he had lived his first two years on a four foot chain (see photos of his amazing transformation here!). I was looking for a brother for Simba (read his story here). The rescue organization had made a video to help spread the word about the dozens of neglected Alaskan Malamutes who needed homes, so when I returned home from the visit I checked it out (see video below), and the music literally struck my heart, not just because of the dogs, but because it was a deep, deep message for me. I listened to the songs nearly non-stop for a week with tears streaming down my face. This soul call was profound.


Moonlit Awakening by Josephine Wall

The first song was like a call to my soul from my ancestors to return home, and though I only partially understood it at the time, over the past few years I have listened to that soul call and put a lot of energy into Embracing, Healing, & Releasing Ancestral Karma. The second song was beckoning me to “Listen, listen to my heart song!” And I did, and now I am here having been shown the cycle is coming to completion with the sudden re-emergence of and affirmation of having listened to my heart song.

Now my heart sings a much lighter song. The cobwebs, tendrils, strands of cocoon silk, psychic cords concerning family, past life, and ancestral healing have been cleared, and Saturn (transformation), who has been in Scorpio (transformation), my Western Astrology solar fourth house of home, family, ancestors and past life karma, most of the last three years enters into Sagittarius this month also affirming that this cycle is now complete. And now, now I am listening to see where my heart song will take me next.

“Once you start to awaken, no one can ever claim you again for the old patterns. Now you realise how precious your time here is.”                                

 – John O’Donohue

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4 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Awareness (Month 4; Entry 2) – Listening to My Heart Song

  1. Beautiful looking at how we are all preparing for a full flight… into unknown territory… (I see that I wasn’t far off the mark with releasing ancestral energies) … love Barbara x

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