Time Machine Blogging Challenge: Traversing the Timelessness of the Dreamworld


Art in this post by Josephine Wall

I am happy to have the opportunity to participate in Linda of Litebeing ChroniclesPieces of a Dream’s Time Machine Blogging Challenge! The challenge’s Directions: Pick a time in your life that was critical to your development. You can go back or forwards in time. It can be real or imagined. After all, it is real if you imagine it! Choose an idea or a skill or a value you hold dear in the present and infuse it into that time period. 

It took me a while to think of something to write about for this blogging challenge – until I had a dream a few nights ago. It was another dream about returning to my old house, and that dream has prompted me to review this particular dream series that I’ve been having since selling and moving from that house about three years ago. This dream series, or more accurately the dreamworld, the realm of the nonphysical unconscious, allows me to travel through time (and space), traversing the timelessness of the psyche, and become aware of and process the healing journey that this major life transition triggered and supported. In the past few years I have learned much about understanding my psyche (by the way, “house” often represents the psyche in dreams!), and so I will time travel on many levels here with you and review and share my journey and travels to and through my “house”!

I first shared some of this dreams series in my post Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Entry #2) back in September 2013: (I am pretty sure I had some of these “house” dreams before the following entries, but I was not keeping a dream journal the first half year or so after moving.)


April 28, 2013: I went back to my old house just to check it out. Kuruk (my pupand Zoe (my catwere with me. I knocked and rang the bell, but no one was there, so I used the key I had (I do not have one in real life). They were still moving stuff in and putting the house together. I saw the woman and she had a new baby. I told her I just stopped by. That’s all.

May 7, 2013: I went to my old house to finish packing up (though I knew in my dream I had moved away a while ago). The woman had blonde hair this time and everything was very white and bright, and washed in light. She was cooking. The couple had removed the built-in cabinet in the dining room and asked if I wanted it. I said no. I put my air mattress in the living room since I would need to stay over-night. Simba (my pup who has passed but is an animal spirit guide for me) was with me. 

June 11, 2013: I was back at my old house and had returned to finish cleaning up. There was stuff stacked under the front door mat. My mail, I think. I had entered the house through the back though, and then went to the front door and saw this. (In my dream journal I also note here that in the first two dreams I also entered through the back door. In the first one I had rung the bell but then entered through the back.) I saw neighbors from across the street wave. That was all.

July 20, 2013: I returned to my old house because my neighbors wanted me there. I wasn’t in the house though. Then I am walking down the street towards the coffeeshop. It was warm and humid. I wondered why I went back. I didn’t want to. Others wanted it.

September 9, 2013: I went to my old house and let myself in (front door) with a key. The owners asked me to let them know next time before I just come over. My pups were with me. I was only in the living room.


And here are my entries from 2014 to the present:

January 10, 2014: I was curious what it would be like if I returned to my old house. (This was a lucid dream thought. Also before I went to sleep I was exploring what a parallel timeline would be if I had not moved.) I went to a woman (unknown) friend’s home, and she was working on starting up a private medical practice. She was discussing her plans and how we could work together. It felt uneasy to me. Though I figured I could get some of my clients back, I didn’t like her plans.

I went to my old house. No one was living there. Inside the basement level (where I had had my office) had been gutted. I would have to rebuild it from scratch. I didn’t know how I would do this. I had no money to pay the mortgage, and didn’t even have a treatment table. The upstairs was empty, and all the walls were the pale blue color they had been when I first moved in in 2003.

February 18, 2014: I’m in my old house – the green is back on the walls. I want to repair or re-build the fence because it is falling apart. It would better guard/protect too. 

April 22, 2014: I returned to my house and wanted to buy it from the young couple who owned it. They were the new owners but also somehow the previous owners. The house was like it was when I first moved in.

August 26, 2014: I decided to return to finally sell my house. I knew it had been empty without me for some time. I began to compare this (lucidly) to past dream returns to the  house. I was also aware I has sold the house in “real life.” 

December 20, 2014: I was back in my old home in the lower level in the front yellow room. I was with a very tall dark-haired man. The room was much bigger than before, and I was trying to figure out a new set up for clients. I decided to use the entry room as a sitting room and this one as a treatment room. I explained to the man that I had raised my chickens in this room. He hugged me and was proud of all I’ve accomplished. 

There was a door in the middle of this room towards the front that led to a large garage. This did not exist in waking life, and I was happy that the room was not partly underground and had more space.


January 4, 2015: I was at my old house, and a guy had bought it. It was under major construction (due to disrepair?). I was helping him or advising him. He knew I did not have a permanent home and offered to buy the blueprints for the house from me to live there. 

February 17, 2015: I was moving into my old house, but it was bit different. There was stuff everywhere but felt no urgency to organize everything. I was just excited to re-establish myself, decorate, and create. There was a poop-filled kitty litter box in the corner.

March 21, 2015: I was in my house because I wanted to know what it would be like if I were still there. Some people out front were taking apart the fence. I was worried that they might take apart the back driveway part, and then the pups might get out. I went out and told them to stop. They did, but the whole front fence had been torn down. 

There were about five cats who wanted in and out the front door. I was inside looking out the front window, and a lady solicitor walks in the front door, which I thought was locked but wasn’t. This shocked me, and I told her to leave. I saw a friend’s keys on the table. I knew she had come to support me, but I didn’t know where she was.

April 7, 2015: I was back in my old home, but it was new and had just moved in. In the living room, I was looking out at the garden and assessing all that I could do. The chips could be removed to plant, etc. I was excited! Neighbors were happy I was there too. I was walking up the street and a neighbor with kids on bikes were very friendly and happy to see me.

May 25, 2015: I went to stay at my old house but knew that I was just visiting or vacationing. I was changing my clothes in the bedroom, and the pups were playing outside. The bedroom was sparse – only a couple of chairs and a table or two to set my things on. They had changed the curtains to white embroidered ones. They were on the old rods and drawn over the windows. I looked out the back window and saw the woman who lived there planting some plants in the middle of the back. It was similar to before though. 


July 29, 2015: I went to my old house to see how the couple were living there. It had been changed a lot – bedroom was now in front, yard different. It wasn’t “my” house anymore. 

August 9, 2015:  I flew with my brother to go to my old house. It was as it was when I lived there, and I wanted to go to bed. Nalle and Kuruk (my pups) were sleeping in the backyard. 

September 5, 2015: An Asian woman and her young son were sleeping in the bedroom in my old house. The pups were in there too and singing. They quieted down and then all were sleeping. I had to go next door to my neighbor’s backyard to access something in my backyard. His house was packed with old furniture and antiques, and there was barely enough room to move around or through it. I was looking around, and a man (looking like a Goth Mad-hatter) approached the neighbor’s house to appraise the antiques. My neighbor then arrived too, and he was ready to clear out the old stuff. (In waking life I had a key to the neighbor’s house and often house-sat, so not strange to go over there in my dream, which I had done before in dreams.)

September 30, 2015: I went to my old house and was in the backyard. The back of the house was more open and on ground level (versus a few feet above). There was also now a door from the bedroom to the back patio. There were a lot of people gathered there, mostly the university athletes I had worked with. The small pond was being remodeled, and we were talking about how I named the fish for the athletes. 

I was worried about the fish with the remodeling of the pond. The part of the old pond that had a small leak was now filled with dirt. The plants from the edge had been removed and changed. Someone pointed out that all the fish were safe (and there were lots of them – hundreds and many varieties now) in the new bigger pond/swimming pool? right next to it. 

I have done much evaluating and work towards understanding this dream series, but I am curious about any insights some you readers and bloggers might have, especially the dream bloggers out there!

Life, what is it but a dream? – Lewis Carroll

Check out the next post in this blogging challenge over at Leigh’s blog here! And if you’d like to participate yourself, sign up by visiting the Time Machine Blogging Challenge!

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28 Responses to Time Machine Blogging Challenge: Traversing the Timelessness of the Dreamworld

  1. What a long intertwined dream Julianne… It made me feel quite tired at the end and can see how it has been helping you release ancestral bondage right back through time until now… the pond water with the fishes seems to be some sort of cleansing of your spirit that knows it’s time now to be FREE… but the human self is still a little sceptical about being ready to fly alone without the patterns and beliefs of the past.

    Going to catch up reading your other posts cause I have been quite focused on the launch of my first book… coming soon… take care and happy flying… Barbara x

  2. kellie@writingmoment says:

    I am going through some of the great posts on the time machine blogging challenge and got to yours…I enjoyed reading about your dreams, unfortunately I cannot help you in deciphering what they mean though. Good luck 😉

  3. Wow, Julianne, what vivid dream time you have.. and isn’t it great to look back over dreams.. I came across an old dream journal I had kept a couple of years ago, and its always fascinating to look back as I try to fathom their meanings. 🙂

    Your attachment to your old house is strong… It seems that you put a lot of your energy into it, and you have imprinted it strongly within your mind.
    I just nipped over to read about Simba, what a beautiful friend and guide you still have in him.. He taught you so much when he was alive, and now is also your dream companion letting you see he is still by your side in dream time to help and guide you

    Maybe deep down you didn’t wish to leave your home for what ever reason.. And your own powerful imprint there pulls you back in your dream time.. The last couple of your dreams about clearing out, Antiques , and Fish, speak to me of the need to let go of some old debris which is still cluttering the mind.. The pond being filled with dirt, Yet the fish were ok.. Maybe you take on board psychically and unconsciously the energy of clients you work with too.. Which is in need of clearing your Aura perhaps..??

    I know you are a very professional in your work and would know how to protect yourself, I know I thought so too.. 🙂 but still found I had gaps which I had left open to psychic’vampires’ 🙂 which I had to clear and cut the cordings too.

    Loved your contribution to Linda’s Time Travel Challenge.. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week Julianne 🙂 Hugs Sue xxxx

    • Oooh, yes debris, not from clients, but past relationships that reflected unresolved issues deep in my psyche concerning family members that I was dealing with at the time of the dreams. Thanks for the insight Sue! ❤

    • I should also add at about the time of this last dream, I had recently removed some psychic vampire energetic cobwebing/threads that freed my butterfly wings finally from the cocoon (see my recent Butterfly Journal posts – they all actually tie into my dreams, but it’s much too long for blog posts, but it is/will be all part of my book I’m working on). And though my old house was a giant art project that I put a lot of creative effort into, I had to leave/move for sunlight (conscious reason) and to journey into the dark, dark cocoon, aka the Underworld and psyche (deeper reason that became more and more clear as I was here). These dreams are definitely cleaning out debris and clutter deep deep within so that I could emerge from the cocoon/Underworld into the full (sun)light. 😀

      • it is always fascinating how our inner dream world is always trying to help us clear out our outer world which we have hidden beneath the cocoon of our subconscious.
        And I am so pleased the layers are being unwoven 🙂

  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    The timelessness of the dreamworld ~ not a better place to be. Nothing quite like letting the dreams teach us of our past present, and prepare us for the future…

  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    You have such an amazingly rich dream time! I love dreams, and love to work with dreams with my clients, but I started to lose memory of my own after my hysterectomy about 15 years ago, and they are almost gone now. I think the anesthesia had something to do with it, or maybe I used to keep my dreamtime in my womb. It is refreshing to me to see you so immersed in yours, and how you work with them with yourself. Beautiful post! Beautiful imagery of your dreams and also the pictures.

    • Thank you Mary! Interesting, the womb is connected to the Moon (mother and nurturing), and the Moon the dreamtime…if I may make an intuitive hit suggestion based on what you wrote: develop some sort of Moon practice thru art, yoga moon/chandra poses, mantras to Chandra/Soma. It would be interesting to see where this last lunar eclipse was in your natal chart too, etc.Love and Light ❤

  6. Amy Campion says:

    Wow! I need to take a deep breathe and move around a bit after that! I totally love this series, it washed over me like a psychadelic wave of images and emotions. Gosh, lost for words! Just came by to check what you wrote as I was excited to get your impression of the challenge, and was just about to head off to bed. I need to let the gorgeous rich symbolism of this tapestry percolate through my mind a little more before responding too… please allow me to “sleep on it” and I will come back with a more considered response tomorrow. And thanks so much for sharing! You never fail to delight me Julianne!

    • Thank you and would Love to hear your insights! It would have been a book-long post to discuss all that I understand from these dreams, and some were very reflective of current things I was addressing consciously at the time of the dreams, yet they covered past issues too.
      🙂 Much of it will be in my memoir I am working on… Stayed tuned! ❤

  7. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  8. litebeing says:

    Hi again,
    Can you link to Leigh at the end of your post? She is blogging for the challenge on October 6th.
    Her address: https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/

    PS, can you correct my typo on my first comment . Change LInda to Linda 🙂


  9. Pingback: Time Machine Blogging Challenge: But Wait, There’s More. | litebeing chronicles

  10. katelon says:

    I’ve had many house dreams but never about an old house I’ve lived in. I always look at the house as my consciousness. Often there is stuff left behind by others…filling drawers and cabinets and I always saw that as beliefs, opinions I’d taken on from others and need to clear out. Often, too, I’d find more and more rooms, and to me that was the expanding consciousness happening to me now and me owing my worth more, willing to be the bigger me.

    Hope this helps


    • Yes the house represents the psyche, as I mentioned in the post, the unconscious realm of out greater Consciousness. This dream series has been about me cleaning up the past deep within my psyche, it’s not so much about the actual house. 🙂 Dreams speak symbolically, and your interpretation of your dreams feels spot on! Keep expanding! Namaste _/l\_

  11. So fascinating Julianne. I love the way your psyche keeps all the symbolism so accessible for you to decipher. The goth mad hatter reminded me of my Jack character in my short story. What did the fence mean to you? That intrigued me, the basement, the levels, the colors, people planting things, all so interesting. ❤


  12. litebeing says:

    Thank you Julie for adding such a rich dream study to our challenge. Dreamtime is one way we can transcend any and all dimensions and play at will ( sometimes lucidly).
    There is so much imagery in your dream narrative. I hope to come back later and add some interpretation.



  13. speedyrabbit says:

    wow a lot of dreams there,almost sounds like you never really wanted to leave that house,xx Rachel

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