Butterfly Journal: Harmony (Month 9, Entry 1) – The Art of Allowing


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards

When Barbara over at Me, My Magnificent Self asked me to join in on her February Awakening Challenge, I harmoniously said: yes! Two years ago many of us WordPress bloggers contributed in writing posts for her free E-bookA Selection of True Awakening Experiences, and we are back, working in harmony to put together another collection of our continued, transformative awakening experiences. This fits in nicely with sharing my transformational journey through Butterfly Journaland here is the prompt for month 9:

By noticing the interconnectedness of all things, we have opened our eyes to the impact all our actions, including our thoughts, emotions, energy, and intentions, can have on everyone and everything we interact with. This wisdom can deepen our awareness even more leading to inner harmony and balance, and to harmonious relationships. 

For the ninth month, develop your awareness further to bring harmony into your life. Are there still inner imbalances that you need to work through, or are there disharmonious relationships in your life? Contemplate on allowing patience and compassion to bring harmony to you internally and externally.

One thing that has greatly helped me on my own journey in the past 9+ months has been practicing allowing. I think of it more as the art of allowing because is has in turn allowed me to create amazing things not just recently, but throughout my life. However, since last Spring I have applied the art of allowing to relationships.


Last Spring I took the Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts & Archetype Consulting Course, through which I discovered within myself, within my own psyche, aspects or archetypes of myself that I was denying or un-allowing to develop and express because they were archetypes I associated with some close relations. Because they more often expressed the shadow aspects of these archetypes, I disliked being around these relations, which only made me feel like interactions with them were unharmonious.

As I began to work on embracing our common archetypes, 1) I had to allow those parts of me (light and shadow) their deserved acknowledgement and empowerment, 2) I had to see that my relations, even though they may normally express the shadow aspects of these archetypes, do have the light aspect as well, 3) I needed to awaken, “see”, and acknowledge when they express those light attributes, and 4) if I allow those light aspects to be expressed within myself, they would have the opportunity to match my vibration and express their light attributes instead of the shadow ones.


This is basically the Law of Attraction. If I am aware of my state of being and allow myself to be and express the light (aka focus on the positive) in contrast to and with acknowledgement of the shadow, others will only interact with me if they match that vibration of harmony. Through my own light of awareness, I help others literally “lighten up!” If they are in a low vibration state, and I do not match them, which would create a disharmonious interaction, we either do not meet to interact or it just dissolves.

Awakening to the awareness that we are all interconnected and truly the creators of our realities opens endless doors of harmonious creation and manifestation. We become ever more aware of how we affect our own lives as well as how our attitude, thoughts, intentions, and actions can have an impact on everyone and everything around us and beyond.

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  • A greater understanding and compassion for yourself, others, and the planet

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Butterfly JournalYou may purchase a copy of Butterfly Journal to work with throughout the workshop, or you can find the prompts for each month by going through my previous journal entries here.

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7 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Harmony (Month 9, Entry 1) – The Art of Allowing

  1. Love those cards. Such a inspirational sharing of awakening. Thank you ❤

  2. Here is Edith’s link https://edithboyertelmer.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/a-selection-of-true-awakening-experiences-part-ii/ that was posted after your post that you can add to the bottom of this post… Thanks so much Julianne and sorry there has been hiccups but I believe this is life and we go with the flow xxx Barbara

  3. Its lovely reading your post Julianne, And it is an amazing journey, how we all of us connected together in the first instance, and how we are still discovering and learning, as we embrace those we are meant to meet and let go of others as well as those old conditionings which held us within our sleep state..
    just when we think we have learnt to let go, another aspect of ourselves reveals itself to be dusted and polished as another layer falls away.. 🙂
    And loved your closing statement..
    “We become ever more aware of how we affect our own lives as well as how our attitude, thoughts, intentions, and actions can have an impact on everyone and everything around us and beyond.”

    Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  4. Thank you! Yes, I will add the link when she has the post posted.

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