Butterfly Journal 9th Month: Harmony (Entry #2)

peacock_dazeIn the last journal entry I discussed how clear and honest communication is key to harmonious relationships, as well as an interesting dream I had that led me to review in depth the symbolism of Mercury (Hermes). This post fittingly comes while the Sun (I am discussing Western Astrology in this post) is in Gemini, as was the recent New Moon. Gemini is an astrological sign ruled by Mercury, the god of communication. Gemini, being the traditional 3rd house, is also the sign of communication. Though Mercury himself just left Gemini and is now in Cancer, he turns retrograde in about a week and returns to Gemini from June 17/18th to July 13th/14th.

Communication is truly the key to healthy, happy, and harmonious relationships – all relationships including the relationship we each have with ourselves. It allows interactions and life in general to flow. When we create resistance or try to invoke conflict, we create discord even if just on the subtle energetic level. Just like music that is out of tune or poorly played, no one wants to listen to it or be around it. By letting go of resistance and the ego’s desire for conflict and control, and by opening our hearts to embrace, forgive, and fly free like a butterfly, we will discover that the natural state is harmonious flow. Communication is the key that opens the door to living and being in love and harmony.

This discussion of “key” has had me re-evaluating a series of dreams I had had from about 2005 through 2012. I call them my “key dreams,” and in them I do one of the following in this order of progression over the years:

  • Someone has my key and is in my home, and I want my key back.
  • I take back my key from someone who has not return it.
  • I receive back a key from someone.
  • I have a key, but am looking for (and usually find) the keyhole for it.

The “someones” in these dreams were people that I had been in relationships with. Communication issues, usually the lack thereof and lies/secrets on their part, were the major issues of the relationships. These dreams occurred after these relationships had ended, and now looking back upon them, I see more to their meaning. Getting and receiving back my key has many meanings for me, among which the two most significant are: the “someone” letting go and me taking my power back. Now I also see it as me taking my voice back, since in those relationships I was not able to fully express myself because I would be shut down by the lies and verbal abuse.

Since the key dreams had ended, I have been much better at standing up for myself, expressing myself, and not engaging with those who choose not to communicate honestly and clearly, i.e. those who seek conflict interactions. Through coming into my power, coming into being able to communicate freely with others, relationships and interactions with others flow mostly harmoniously. I have my key that opens the way to fly free. >|<

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20 Responses to Butterfly Journal 9th Month: Harmony (Entry #2)

  1. It is true the silence can be deafening. But in that space, there is listening – which is a “key” component to unlocking a healthy communication process. Ben Taylor co-created a great album in which he poignantly entitled, “Listening.” Experiences teaches us that worrying really doesn’t do any good. I try to replace worry with an imagined telepathic conversational exchange that I sending lots of love and light to intended receiver. Sometimes I just tell a tree and trust the message will take root in due time.

    • Your view on silence is interesting. For me, there is beautifully so much to hear in silence, layers of thoughts and emotions, and in the deepest silence, the beat of the Universe. Namaste _/l\_

  2. speedyrabbit says:

    some interesting dreams Julieane,I have some strange ones from time to time its normally will be a conversation with some one and I will wake and remember it as it so vivid,then I’ll put it to the back of my mind and a few weeks later I have that same conversation with the same person…weird huh?xx Rachel

  3. Awesome post! So interesting about your key dreams, thanks for sharing!

  4. fozziemum says:

    So glad your dreams have shown you another way to regain yourself..i have not for awhile had vivid dreams..i think my fractured sleep has been the reason….I do miss my normally very intense and lucid dreams..especially the flying ones…perhaps they will return 🙂 loves Bev xx

  5. The “key dreams” are very interesting. I really like this post. I also commiserate with your friend E.D. and hope she does not get discouraged. You always give good advice 🙂

  6. Great post Julie. I also have had dreams about keys, usually losing them or receiving them from someone or somewhere. I often figured it was anxiety about forgetting keys or losing them, which has happened to me many times. Yet dreams are multi-layered so I am certain there is more involved.


  7. Dear Julie,

    May I call you, Julie? I think Julianne is a pretty cool name. Can I call you Julianne? Which do you prefer? A couple of days ago you were in a dream of mine – and I am so sorry – I do not remember a single detail… only the sound of your name: “Julianne Victoria.” It was so weird that I only remembered your name. I don’t even know who was saying it, but it was an auditory experience upon waking. Wishing you more of the ‘easy listening’ and sharing experiences – whatever form you like best. I am wishing for myself more detailed memories from the dream-impression, and the accompanying clarity that comes with concise information. I think I dreamed this about 3 or so days ago. Not 100% sure as to when, just that it seemed to have been dreams that I had in the morning.

    Best, Ka

    • Hi Ka, yes you may call me Julie. Wow, I was in your dream?! Do you have these auditory experiences often? What did the voice sound like?

      • Hi Julie, yes, your name was in my dreamtime. Lol. I even told my husband about it because I was sort of surprised. In the past I have received auditory messages upon waking. It’s not very frequent. I don’t remember the sound of a voice per se, just that the experience was one of literally listening to it like with my physical ears. There seems to have been nothing since, and the memory of it has faded even more.

  8. BloomLisa says:

    Inspiring post Julie. It reminds me of feeling my throat chakra brightening up with a beautiful shade of light blue and my life simultaneously taking an upward turn. Communication is indeed the key, and now it is your time to soar like a beautiful butterfly! Light & love:)

  9. E.D. says:

    communication is indeed important. i feel very important on blogs too. sadly to little of it… nice post..

      • E.D. says:

        I hardly have comments on my blog – that worries me.. I have many speedy likes.. I hope to be able to deal with insincere likes which are only a false and phony sort communication..ha!

        eve 🙂

      • Blog communication tends to have ups and downs. Don’t let it worry you. Bloggers’ blog time can vary, and sometimes “like” says it all. However, there are “robot likers” out there, and the best you can do is thank them for upping your like stats. 🙂

      • E.D. says:

        many robot likers – yes.. But I don’t need them. I only want to share my posts with like minds – and have some conversation and communication… Fed up with phony people…. Still lets end on a good note, a high C…. and not a low F. or whatever… lots of good wishes, your friend eve.. xxx

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