Butterfly Journal: Patience (Month 6; Entry 1)


So far on this Butterfly Journal metamorphic journey, we have grown from Self-reflection, Truth, Faith, Awareness, and Acceptance. In this sixth month: we are half way through our journey, and it’s time to take a pause. Not a break, but a pause to take in some deep breaths to soak in all that has come to light about ourselves and to exhale out all that we no longer want or need. In the process that has led us to this point, many of us may have already noticed the amount of patience required for growth. Patience develops from acceptance and leads to a sense of peace within.

For the sixth month, think about the people or things in your life that you need to be more patient with, including yourself. What can, or do, you do to bring the serenity of patience into those situations? And, where along your metamorphic path have you struggled to be patient? Keep in mind that patience is a continuous practice, and as with all practices, it does get better with time. 

Ahh, yes, patience, that often dreaded word. Every time it comes up during a life coaching session or during an astrology or tarot reading, I can feel my clients cringe emotionally. After all we live in a fast-paced world of instant text replies, dinners delivered within 20 minutes, answers to random questions accessible through the internet at what seems like the speed of light, and so on. It’s so easy to be in that instant-gratification-desired space that when we must slow down, or wait, or pause, or wait, or even go back and wait…we scream inside. It seems impossible, and patience is viewed as a torturous punishment!

This impatience, however, makes life pass us by. When our minds are constantly focused and distracted on: what’s next?, reacting in a split second to an insult, why isn’t it here yet?, gotta check my email and Facebook feed again, why hasn’t so-and-so replied yet?… we forget to be right where we are with whatever is or isn’t happening in the moment.

He that can have patience can have what he will.  – Benjamin Franklin

In my last journal entry, where I discussed my inner Kali, I mentioned how, by accepting and thanking Kali when she arises within me, I am better able to get out of my impatient mind that wants to react in anger, and instead actually be in the moment and let the fleeting experience dissipate. If we give ourselves even just a few seconds to take a deep breath and be patient, we empower ourselves to create in the present moment, instead of letting our impatient ego-minds take us away from the experience of now. I have not read Eckhart Tolle’s book, but I going to guess that patience is key to the power of now.

Being patient with others and in external situations is important, but being patient with ourselves can be more of a challenge. Yet when we find that stillness within, we discover that being patient with people and things outside of ourselves becomes much easier. Practicing patience is inner work, but through this practice we grow personally and spiritually. The caterpillar doesn’t try to rush it’s body into becoming a butterfly; it patiently allows itself to die so that it can re-develop, grow into, and rebirth itself as a beautiful and free butterfly.butterflypatienceIf you are interested in journeying through Butterfly Journal in conjunction with life coaching sessions please click here to visit my business site and click the “Life Coaching” tab at the top.

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