Butterfly Journal: Expansion (Month 8, Entry 2)


Art by Josephine Wall

In Entry 1 for the eighth month of Butterfly Journal I discussed empathy, compassion, the differences between the two, and how both connect us to in this interconnected web of existence. Since posting that post, I have been both observing and contemplating on how much expansion I have experienced just in the past couple of months:

  • I’ve moved to a new location that I love.
  • My Tarot, Astrology, & Energy Healing practice has been expanding in busy-ness and in growing internationally.
  • I’ve been expanding my personal yoga practice once again to an almost daily practice.
  • Locally I have been expanding my connections – meeting new people and regularly exploring new locations.
  • And without even trying and with people just appearing to me, I have begun to attract and build a local client base.

I definitely have been “bursting out of the bonds of the cocoon,” as this month’s journal prompt states!

As many of you know, two months ago I took a big leap of faith and stepped into the unknown like the Fool of the Tarot, and moved to a new place where I knew no one. I had completed a cycle of ancestral, shamanic, and healing work in the family home, and the signs were all there that it was now my time – time to complete the move I began three years prior and time to catch up with myself. (You can explore some of the early Butterfly Journal posts for the background on this here.)

And as I stepped into this magnificent void of unknowing and emptiness where everything and anything is possible based upon my openness and upon my knowing that all the seeds of intentions that I had planted over the past few years would now sprout and grow and expand into a beautiful garden, I knew that I, myself as an individual, and my work (which is what I do and a part of me) would ride this growing flow of momentum of expansion. Faith and allowing are powerful, powerful means of manifestation!


Jupiter, the planet of expansion, turned retrograde this month. During his retrograde phase it is an excellent time to revisit and return to things from the past or things put on hold that will now be able to better grow and expand. With this energy I am returning to teaching and facilitating workshops and webinars! The first one is a writing and journaling workshop:

Transformational Journaling for Personal Growth 

with Butterfly Journal!

During this 12 session interactive teleconference workshop, we will journey through Butterfly Journal together:

  • Discussing the journal prompts and journal entry examples
  • Brainstorming, outlining, and writing down key words of inspiration
  • Sharing (optional) our writing 
  • Discussing personal insights, revelations, & challenges
  • Posing questions to the group & self-inquiry

What will you gain and benefit from taking this workshop and going on this transformational journey?

  • Skills in self-reflection 
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of your shadow side
  • Healing of old and newer emotional and psychological wounds
  • A clearer view and perception of yourself, your actions, and how they affect others
  • A greater understanding and compassion for yourself, others, and the planet

Classes will be held every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm to 7:30pm  Pacific time from February 17th through May 4th

Cost is $60.oo (only $5.oo per class!) – Sign-ups are now closed.

Once purchased, I will send you a confirmation email and the morning of the each session, I will send you the link, call in number, and access code to call into the teleconference sessions.

* If you are outside the US, long distance charges on your phone may apply depending on your phone and plan.

Sessions will be recorded and archived, so if you miss one or want to go back and review, you can!

Butterfly JournalYou may purchase a copy of Butterfly Journal to work with throughout the workshop, or you can find the prompts for each month by going through my previous journal entries here.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright www.juliannevictoria.com
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19 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Expansion (Month 8, Entry 2)

  1. I was so happy when I first read of your move. You are not only expanding, but blooming like a fragrant flower. Yay all good news here 😀 ❤

  2. renatembell says:

    Awesome Julie!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Congratulations Julie on the fruits of all your hard work, diligent efforts, and the true joy of beingness that’s propelling you!

    I love it when my friends are successful! Actually, I love it when all people are successful; to be honest, especially my friends. ❤

    Aloha nui loa


  4. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  5. Such wonderful inspiration to us all Julianne, to step out beyond our fear and find out who we can become! It’s great to see this abundance come to you after moving with courage.

  6. I am so happy for your abundance! ❤

    • Thank you Alethea! I’ve been meaning to tell you that the one card reading you did for me last summer was one of the biggest signs/messages that helped me to take that step into the unknown. I forget what the card was, but it was something similar to that. ❤

  7. litebeing says:

    This all is wonderful Julie! I wish you blessings on your webinar. I am also encouraged by your attracting all this awesome goodness simply by being open and being you. ❤

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