Butterfly Journal 11th Month: Love (Entry #2)

masqueIn the last journal entry on Love, I discussed what love truly is: the highest vibrational act of unconditional selflessness, compassion, and responsibility. This quote by Hafiz, a Persian poet, sums up what love is perfectly:

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that – it lights up the whole world.

True love can only be unconditional, and when we truly love ourselves and our Selves, we cannot help but love all others. Through Self-Love we see that we are all from the same Source. We are all extensions of God, and as extensions of God, we are all soul mates. When we each truly come to the understanding that the other is each of us, we will all become filled with compassion and love. Once the veil of the illusion of separateness is pulled down, acts of love fill our lives, and we shine eternally like the Sun.

Our deepest purpose here on earth, our dharma, is to remember what it is to love. All the karmic lessons and challenges we face are to help us in our dharma. It is a process and it takes much practice, but as long as we each try to not let fears, prejudices, and superficial judgements prevent us from being kind and loving to both ourselves and others, we, our personal relationships and lives, and the planet as a whole will grow in love.

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8 Responses to Butterfly Journal 11th Month: Love (Entry #2)

  1. Reblogged this on Through the Peacock's Eyes and commented:

    All we need is…to love!

  2. What a very different world we would live in Julie if only we all loved ourselves that bit more! Thank you Wise One 🙂

  3. BloomLisa says:

    You are a wise soul Julie and nice Hafiz reference!

  4. Harbans says:

    Fact is we all are soul mates. Differences which are enacted are our misunderstanding of ourselves itself.

  5. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing ….it’s inspiring!

  6. Joe Bradshaw says:

    How very true~! Thank you for sharing this post with love I appreciate the smiles it brought this rainy day!

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