Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Entry #3)


Ocean of Dreams by Josephine Wall

This Butterfly Journal post is in         conjunction with Blue Butterflies and Me’s 11 Day Clearing from September 11 to the Equinox on September 22. Be sure to check out yesterday’s post at The Heartsongs Blog, and tomorrow’s post at Me, My Magnificent Self.

In Entry #2 I talked about clearing out the “clutter” of “what if’s” of the past, which led to an analysis of a dream series I’ve been having. Clearing out these “what if’s”, especially those hidden deep in the unconscious, opens the way for the new. In Entry #1 I also mentioned my awareness of “what if’s” about the future, as I occasionally wonder if my writing isn’t good, or worry that I may not be successful as a writer. Though I know I need to focus on visualizing how I wish to manifest my dreams, and as I continue to send out queries and produce more, have the confidence that others will like my work, I am still human and these worries once in a while creep into my mind.

We all have worries and concerns about the future. That is normal. But, it is when we let these thoughts dominate, take over, or we cling to them, that we loose both perspective and self-awareness. There are many tools or practices that can help us keep our minds and worries in check. Just 10-15 minutes a day of any of the following can help clear our silly minds of worry so we can create the space for emotional healing, creativity, and growth:

  • Practice meditation: Still and calm the mind or clear it of thoughts by just observing what thoughts arise, and letting them pass. Focusing on an object, such as a lotus flower, or on the breath, can help still the flurry of thoughts.
  • Breathe! Especially when feeling stressed, stopping to focus on the breath can help clear out some of the stress and anxiety. Any Pranayama practice will do, or just deep focused breathing to exhale out any negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Physical exertion can clear out a worrying mind by burning those thoughts away. Go for a brisk walk, run, swim… Exercise can be a great form of moving meditation!
  • Pray or chant: Connecting to the Divine, whether that’s God, a goddess, Angels, Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, or the Eternal Consciousness can help clear out the fogginess of worry so we can see our lives from a clearer perspective. Saying a daily prayer, one that resonates with you or one that you wrote yourself, or singing hymns or chanting mantras connects us to the Divine.
  • Affirmations: Write down and say affirmations for what you wish to accomplish in the present, and what you wish to accomplish in the future as a result of your actions in the present. We create the future today, so create it with positive thoughts and with the confidence that you deserve that which you are working towards.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright www.juliannevictoria.com
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37 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Entry #3)

  1. Gary Leigh says:

    Interesting… I tend to negotiate with such things, too. I generally ask them to not get in my way, and they seem to respond.

    Do you notice that insects, arachnids, etc, don’t seem to react with fear in your presence?

  2. aaremo says:

    Excellent advice! I’m the same too. In my journey as a writer I’ve had to wrestle enormous self doubt and I still do sometimes. It takes a lot of courage and perseverance this path I think. It’s amazing what we learn though, about it and ourselves, and the gifts we can then share with others, as you have and are 🙂

    • Thanks Rory! It doesn’t really affect me now when I get the rejection letters. We just have to keep sending letters out and putting stuff out there. I do feel the momentum is increasing, so hopefully a letter of good news will arrive soon! 🙂

      • aaremo says:

        oh I got so many of those letters. For years! 😛 I remember the worst one was they simply returned my original letter and scrawled “NO THANKS” in big black letters at the bottom. Bastards! Haha. You have to see the funny side. You keep on keeping on – you have an amazing message to share with the world (I don’t know what it is yet obviously but I know you do). The world needs it, and a way will open for you to share it 🙂

      • Wow, at least I haven’t gotten any nasty rejections. A few were very positive; I just wasn’t what they were looking to publish. Most have been what seems like the standard reply, but with well wishes. Some I haven’t heard from even though they say they always respond. Somehow I feel a couple of queries are lost in the slush piles, but will be discovered!
        Thank you too! I have quite a few projects, but all great messages to send out to the world! Namaste my friend _/l\_

  3. dzenden says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You’ve proven again to be able to point out significant ways to alter behavior, which can be a life changing.

  5. I really enjoy your posts! Thank you!

  6. Nina says:

    I love this blog, and the images you share. Thank you for the reminder to stay focused on what we are manifesting. That is where the joy is! Blessings!

  7. Amy says:

    Very helpful post, Julianne! Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. interesting – am in the midst of a huge amount of very interesting work crisis and have turned to meditation and deep breathing to keep centred and focused on whateve I’m doing at that time – really helps stress levels!!

  9. Ah Ms. Julianne~ You ladies have provided so much helpful information. How sweet it is to be me, and to be so blessed by my acquaintance with all of you. (Insert big toothy grin) 😀

    I have had a week. As Linda can attest, since she has seen my chart, the full moon does a real number on me. I have had full blown panic attacks this week, just horrible. Thankfully I have girl friends that are older and have been through menopause and are able to point these markers out to me. Yesterday it lasted most all day. A friend on Facebook in a Abraham group suggest a herbal complex for me to take and I got it today. I even missed work yesterday. I loathe full moons, oh they are pretty to look at, but smurf they smurf with me.

    The good news is I am ahead on my school work for once. Oh me, what a complainer I am.

    Feeling better now and I loved your post….. loved, loved, loved, and Shree’s, and Linda’s yesterday was so good too. You Ladies are the smurfiest~ (That smurf was a good adjective)

    Love, love, love~
    Sindy Sue

    • Aw thanks Sindy Sue! Sorry about your icky week! If this helps to make your weekend smurfy ;-), I was inspired to write you a limerick:
      There once was a girl named Sindy Sue
      Who looked a little bit like Cindy Lou Who
      With a heart made of gold
      And a soul so very, very old
      She knows how to be a friend so true!

  10. Julianne, Thank you for the post. I needed it today and the reminder to breathe.

  11. Your post has been well received. One day soon, I will be back on my horse and galloping away. Until then I stare at stacks and stacks of papers and books. Very calmly, I must add. 🙂

    • Thanks! Those stacks and stacks of papers and books aren’t going to do anything on their own unless staring at them is practice in telekinesis! 😉 How are your brochures coming along?

      • What brochures? 😉 The brochures are doing well in the realm of imagination. I thought I would have the time to do such simple work, but it did not mix well with enjoying myself outside in the Sun. For now I will just read and blog other people’s brilliant work, while I reshuffle my notes. 😀 😀

      • I agree that being out in the Sun is most important! Besides, we can work on other stuff in our heads while outside. It’s multi-tasking. 😉

  12. thank you for this wonderful post Julianne. I have recently started chanting again with the 21 day chanting challlenge and it is very liberating 🙂 Breathing is so important and often overlooked. I also quite fond of the ocean of dreams painting, it is gorgeous!


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